point to multipoint setup with XBP9B-DPST-021


I’m considering using Xbee radios (XBee-PRO 900HP (S3B) Point2Multipoint, 920MHz (Australia), 250mW, RPSMA, 10Kbps) to set up a point to multipoint network. The application is for precision agriculture. I need a base station which sends serial GNSS data to many rovers. The rovers do not need to transmit any data back to the base, only receive. I have read some articles, and had a crack at what think will work. Would appreciate if someone could glance my XCTU profiles and confirm if I’m on the right track and whether XBee radios will suit my application?

Changes from default:

  • Channel mask to ‘00FFFFFFFE00000000’ on all radios
  • HP Preamble ID to ‘7’ on all radios
  • ID Network ID to ‘3105’ on all radios
  • CE Routing/messaging mode to ‘Standard Router’ on the base, and ‘Non-Routing Module’ on the rovers’
  • DH Destination address High to ‘0’ on all radios
  • DL Destination Address Low to ‘FFFF’ on base, and ‘0’ on rovers
  • BD Baud Rate to ‘115200’ on all radios

Many thanks!

Jmay David,

From what you listed, you are only missing setting the TO command to 0x40 (point to multi-point) and the BH/MR to 1.

Digi Support

Many thanks!