XBee 485 Adapter 802.15.4 Pro Communicating Issue!!!


I have just bought two XBee 485 Adapter 802.15.4 Pro from Digi and trying to test it out but can’t get it to communicate. Check with user manual for the setting but it’s kind of very brief. I have wired up my 485 devices onto both adapters connector pin 1,2 and 5 & set the DIP switches 2,3 and 4 up (pushing the switches up toward the reset button is ON right?). Did all that but it’s communicating.

The next thing i did was to open up the adapter and checked the XBee-Pro module inside. Checked the firmware version 10C8 and saved the parameter settings. Please refer to the attached file for it. I can be sure that the XBee-Pro modules in the adapters are working fine as I have tested them with X-CTU Range Test.

So anyone have any ideas what I did wrong or what I haven’t do?

Thank you!

Try setting the DH/DL of each adapter to the SH/SL of the other adapter. This puts them in unicast mode to each other, and hopefully you’ll see your data at that point.

If this is point-to-multipoint, you’d only want to configure DH/DL of the end node to SH/SL of the “point”, and have your “point” set up in broadcast mode to the multipoints.