XBee RS485 Adapter 802.15.4 Pro

Hi, there:
I have a XBee RS485 Adapter(802.15.4 Pro) and I’d like to use this RS485 adapter talk to another device with XBee-Pro OEM module(XBP24-AUI-001). My questions are

  1. How can I config the setting in this RS485 Adapter? Can I change its settings in X-CTU? Is there a document show me how to do this?

  2. Is it possible that I can send API commands via RS485 interface and communicate with my remote devices(XBP24-AUI-001)?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it is all possible.

The most critical setting for RS-485 is that D7 be 6 or 7 (usually 7). This enables teh XBee to manage the RS-485 half-duplex control automatically. Do not allow it to be 0 or 1!

There are some doc’s here:
It is focused on the S2/ZigBee, but also works with the S1.

For general discussion of talking to the 802.15.4, look at the Xbee manual on the Digi support site.

Keep in mind that if you have say a serial ‘master’ and 10 slaves, you can use 11 RS-485 adpaters, but only the Master may need API. You could set the 10 slave units up in AT mode to just reply to the single Master units.

802.15.4 also likes broadcast, so the master can broadcast everything if the 10 slave devcie can use a protocol to ignore the message not for them.