ZigBee 2007 and RS485

Hi all,

This forum is very interesting and I have a question about communication.

I would try to communicate in ModBus RS485 protocol between two XBEE Modem embedded in a “XBee 485 Adapter S2 Reg”.

To introduce the topic, I configures two “XBee Serie 2” through X-CTU.

In the “Modem Configuration” page, I set for the first one a “XB24-ZB” Modem and the ‘function set’ is set to “ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT”
And the second Modem is set also to a “XB24-ZB” Modem and the ‘function set’ is set to “ZIGBEE ROUTEUR AT”.
Firmwares are both in version 2241.(the last one)
I work in broacast mode and I communicate in radio mode with the “Terminal” page without problem between the two modems.

Now, I plug the XBEE modules in theirs boxes (–> the “XBee 485 Adapter S2 Reg” model), I configures the DIP Switch for the RS485 mode(=2 ON), I verify that the wires are connected with + in pin 1 and - in pin 2 and also that the baud rate of the radios is set to the correct rate.

It seems to be ok but it doesn’t work. I don’t understand what the problem is, maybe some settings in the X-CTU but I don’t know…

Thank you very much for your help.

you need to set d7=7

YES, it works now ! Thank you very much !
I had tried many settings without success…

I set D7=“RS-485 ENABLE HIGH” and all is OK.
However, I need to use a timeout close to 2 seconds because I use the Broadcast mode.

Thanks again for your reply !