Help getting data from RS-485 Adapter ZB Pro to X4

I just got my X4 devel kit and need a little help getting data from a ZB RS-485 Adapter from Digi.

I can see the wall router, sensor, USB devel board and run the various test scripts. I connected up the RS-485 adapter to my serial device and the X4 can see the adapter as a router. I have the serial configured correctly (9600 baud no parity, no flow control). – Where can I set the bits? as in 8N1?

The device is on a RS485 chain and I have a serial->Ethernet on that chain which sees the data just fine. The Digi adapter is last in the chain. I have the DIP switches 2-6 all on (pushed up) with 1 left down.

I have tried setting D7 to 7 or 6.

Should I be able to see the data coming in using the command:
set trace state=on

on the X4? I can see data for the light meters and temp sensors on the wall router and sensor adapter coming in fine.

Any help appreciated.

D7=7 needs to be set on the 485 adapter for it to function properly. As far as setting 8N1, that’s already the default of the module within the adapter so unless you changed that parameter its probably not the cause of the issue. I’d recommend swapping the 485 wires (pins 1 and 2). Also, make sure GND is connected to Ground rather than left floating.

I have D7 = 7 and the ground is connected.

On this page of the wiki:
It says that the DD must be set to 0x0006 or it will come up as “Unspecified” and setting the baud rate and other serial params won’t work. My new RS-485 comes up as “Unspecified.” Do I need to fix that in X-CTU?

If I change the baud rate in the web interface on the X4, it seems to accept the change (ie the change is persistent).

I emailed tech support and they said that you have to have a Python script requesting the data or it is dropped. I was hoping the “set trace state=on mask:mesh:*” would show all the traffic, but I guess not.

Is there a simple Dia config to use the RS-485 and dump what is sent into a channel?

To take care of “unspecified”, set DD=30006, which will make it show up as a RS485 adapter.

Your trace syntax is close. It should be “set trace state=on mask=mesh:+*” (minus the quotes)

I’m not sure about the Dia question. It would be better to ask that one in a seperate post in the Dia forum.

BTW, I got this working. I just had to upgrade the firmware on the RS-485 adapter, then data started flowing.

Thanks for the follow up :slight_smile: