New RCM-6750 (Rev H) produces error in boardtypes.lib while Rev G works, is there an update for this?

Program that’s been running on RCM-6750s won’t load on new batch marked 101-1320 H, produces warnings about clock doubler and faults out in boardtypes.lib. Revert to 101-1320 G, works fine. What’s broken, and how can I fix it. I have very few Gs left!

Additional information:
DC version 1072
Compile off line, but result won’t download with RFU either.

Found answer in another post:
Please try installing Dynamic C 10.72A. It includes a patch to the serial flash library for an updated flash IC used on various products.

Optionally, you can just install the serial flash patch from this URL:
Thank you Tom Collins!

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