Newbee lost in api mode.

I have just started trying to work with xbee series 1 modules. I will be using them in a home automation/security system.

I have successfully setup a couple end devices that sleep for about 4 1/2 minutes the report the io values or trigger on io change values and send to the coordinator. Using x-ctu I can see the expected packets.

But I would also like to use the io on the coordinator. I want to use an adc for temperature readings to control my home-brew radiant heating system, and some io lines for smoke detector input, etc.

From usb on the coordinator I get all the data I want from the end devices but have not been able to get the coordinator to report its io pins via the local usb.

Can this be done? Do I need to query the coordinator somehow to get the data or can I get it to report just like an end device?

To get the ADC values, you can use Periodic Sampling, set IR to non zero value and set the destination address, you will receive IO Data Sample RX indicator frame at particular interval specified to IR command.