Troubleshooting missing data sample frames?

I have my first two nodes setup, I have a ZigBee Coordinator API module and a ZigBee End Device API module. I have the end point connected on Analog pins 1-3 with sensors for temp, moisture, and light.

I have the pins D1-3 configured for ADC, and the IR sample rate setting at EA60 for once per 60 seconds.

The frames log on the co-ordinator shows a stream of Explicit RX Indicator frames and Transmit Status frames, but I am seeing no IO Data Sample RX Indicator frames.

Also, I wired an LED to the sleep indicator pin, and it is almost constantly lit, it’s certainly not sleeping for a minute at a time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I take it you want to send data once every min. What I would suggest is setting your IR to once every 50ms. Then set the Time before sleep to 60ms and the sleep time for 1 min. What will occur is that once every min, the module will wake, sample the ADC data and then cycle back to a sleep state.