Xbee end node constantly transmitting random Receive Packet Frames - Frametype 0x90?

I’m having a few problems with an Xbee end node. I have a network of 35 Xbee sensors including 7 repeaters. I’ve given each sensor the following settings:

FW Version: 29A7
API Mode = 1
SM – 4 (Cyclic sleep)
SP – 7D0 (Sleep for 20 seconds)
SN – 1E ( 30 sleep cycles)
SO – 6 (Extended sleep)
IR – 800 ( Send a sample every 2 Seconds)
ST – 7D0 (Sleep timer = 20 seconds)

All the nodes are working perfectly except one. Its constantly sending a unicast data transmission to the coordinator which is putting out a lot of random Zigbee Receive Packets – Frame Type 0x90. Why would it just randomly do this? Its spitting out this data pretty much every second but with varying RF data. Also I have no communications back to it and can’t send a reset command or any AT command.

Sample frame:


Any suggestions or solutions will be greatly appreciated.


Can you provide us with the actual frame it is providing?


This is the sample frame. When I store the string I strip the start delimiter, length and checksum from the API packet.

Here are some more sample frames all from the same end node with 64bit address - 0013a2004089bf9c.


The RF data starts after the receive options - 41.

Do you have any idea why the coordinator is receiving this API packet as my end nodes are only setup to sleep for 10minutes, wake up and force a sample and go back to sleep after 2 seconds. Could it be a faulty end node?