Newbie - help

I’m looking for a radio linked control system with as many I/O lines as I can get.

I’m not a C programmer, just assembly or basic.

Am I in the right place ?

Is there a very simple overview of what rabbit can do that would help me.

Any thoughts very welcome. (A quicker solution than PIC would be great ! )



Hi Tim.

I can quickly design a board that will accept any Rabbit Module you chose with as many I/O’s as you want. You could use one of the WiFi or ZigBee Rabbit Modules or I can design it using commercially available radios for data links.

I can program device drivers for you too, or even the entire code.

My design would include schematics, PCB layout, and working prototypes.

Let me know you are interested.


Hi Janet,

I am very very interested… more tomorrow…