Help on HM2007 and Zigbee

am very glad to be a memeber. But pls i need help concerning my final year project. I am working on voice automated control of devices. i intend making use of HM2007 (Speech recognition device), but i would want it to be control the appliances wirelessly. Since it would be controlling about 4 or more home appliances, and considering the cost of gettin 4 transceiver modules, i decided to use a ZigBee cos of its low-cost and low-power. I do not kno how wise this is and truly am quite new in this area . Pls i need help cos i do not know how to go about this and i dont kno if my choice is the best. Also would i need like an interface to convert the output from the HM2007 IC to what can be used by the Zigbee. pls your utmost help is required . thank you…:confused: