XBee to HA (smartthings etc) 101 where to look for

Hi, I’m strting a project to use the XBee XB3-24Z8UT-J module to send data to my HA hub (Hubitat, similar to smartthings).

I’ve read the XBee documentation and find without an overview it is difficult to follow. Does someone know of such an overview? I read a lot about configuration, pairing etc and while I understand the concepts of configuration, pairing etc the details and order of things escapes me.

To put my goal in perspective, I’m planning on using a XB3-24Z8UT-J with grove dev board to talk to my HA Hub (Hubitat, which supports Zigbee). In addition I am planning on using the XBee in the UART mode to simply send data to the Hub. My data is coming from an Arduino Pro Mini.

Something like:

ProMini <----> XBee ~~~~~~(radio waves) ~~~~ Hubitat Zigbee Radio <-----> HA function(s)

Any help where to find such information and an opinion on my approach would be appreciated.