4510W RabbitCore (Zigbee) and Microsoft Robotics Studio

We are attempting to connect our Zigbee microcontroller (4510W RabbitCore) to Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS). What we are wondering is if there is specific code required for this (pretty sure there is) and if it’s available? So far, we don’t have a program to run, we are just hoping that by entering a command in the computer (in MSRS) we can get an LED or something to light up off the microcontroller indicating that the two are communicating.

Also, can this microcontroller handle 3 variable speed DC motors (H-bridges will be used of course)? And, can it control stepper motors? Where can we find the best documentation on how to program this?

Anyone with Microsoft Robotics Studio expereince (as well as anyone who thinks they can help) is encouraged to share their own input and it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,