Choosing the right Core Module

Hi there, Im a Student.
I have been doing some automatization projects, mostly classroom. You know ligths, A/C, some security and those trivial yet usefull features.
I have been working with the Core Module rcm3700 and i really like it. The thing is that i want to take it one more step. That is to add Zigbee and GSM/SMS messaging. Zigbee so i can put some more slave core modules and not worry about all the problems that comes with wire connections. That is makeing holes in the walls. GSM/SMS message mostly for simple commands, like turn all off, or turn A/Cs off, maybe some information retrival or something like that.

I have seen the develompment kits, but i dont want that. I want to be able to add the Zigbee and GSM/SMS to my core module, or some other core modules. So what do you recomend to buy and try.

Thanks in advanced.