About the core modules and a doubt with the RCM5700

Hello I have a couple of questions to make with the rabbit core’s series, I am a student of Electronic Engineer, and now I’m a working with a minicore RCM5700, my college will participate in a contest and we are using the rabbit in the project to control traffic lights and street illumination, however we are thinking in acquiring new rabbits however we want them to have wifi, so the doubts that we have it’s what model we should buy, also which are the differences with the core and the minicore and which of them are better and also what board we can buy that don’t presents a lot of differences with the one we already have.

In the future I am developing a couple of projects in which I think I can use the rabbit so the one we want buy also needs to work for this, I am thinking in using it in a house to control lights and doors principally and another project it’s to put it in a radio transmitter to get lectures to turn it on and off. The last question I have it’s someone know what is the maximum amperage or watt dissipation that the minicore RMC5700 can handle.


I also leave my email ](mailto:jheron92@hotmail.com) if you want to comunicate through it

Thanks for the help.