Is the Rabbit 6000 & mini core modules a dead product line?

I’ve been developing an application using the Rabbit 6000 (Great uC!) on a RCM6710 for a while now. I haven’t seen any new 6000 mini core modules for a few years. The 6000 doesn’t seem to be available through normal distribution channels.

I was hoping Rabbit-Digi would develop mini core modules that would take advantage the 6000’s Flexible Interface Modules and A/D’s.

Am I wasting my time with the 6000, or any Rabbit-Digi uC???

I think RCM6760 module available now

I have contacted Digi Sales and was informed that Digi has no plans to directly market the rabbit 5K or 6K micro controllers. They are working on a 6K replacement for the RCM5600W which will make some of the A/D channels available. Lets hope they have plans for future modules that will fully take advantage of the Rabbit 6K capabilities. Digi, please chime in.