Video of Automated Firework Show

Just thought I’d share. Clip from a show that resulted from two years of development with XBees (plus a lot of code). This is our first attempt, hoping to do better this year!

Happy to share any of the code, schematics, etc.

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Congratulations! Really nice work! Would you tell us more details? Is it ZigBee or 802.15.4 technology (S1, S2…?). It would be great to see the schematics! =)

Good work!

Thanks! Sorry it took me a while to see this posting (new forum format helps). You inspired me to upload everything to codeplex. Still very much a work in progress but please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Oops, meant to reply to you…see answer.

Nice! Thank you very much for sharing.
I have noticed that you have a folder named ProgrammableXBeeTest, was it for the programmable version? It’s strange because it doesn’t seem to be a project made with our SDK…

Thanks! Nothing in the project was made with a Digi SDK (actually, not sure I knew you had one). I’m actually planning on re-writing a nice async C# library for doing this stuff in the future. Is there a C#/CLR SDK for these? That would be good to know!