Newebie here???


Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to RF, where do I start ?

I am not sure where to recommend. What training or experience do you have and what is it you want to do?


I thank you for responding…

I am a little discouraged… I don’t know much about
wireless. I am looking for a kit that will show me how
to communicate several RF units ex: 2 or 5 or even 10
or more in a mesh network.

Would be nice if the RF device would be integrated in an MCU chip (SoC) I believe the acronym is. The RF module would be
a combination of a radio and an MCU.

Distance would have to be pretty far around 1000 ft or more in a 2.4 GHZ frequency since there could be communications requiring
to traverse cement walls.

I find it discouraging to read thousands of tech sheet pages to get started to understand protocols which comprise memorizing thousands of register configuration bits pertaining to the protocol before even knowing if the protocol adequately compliments my needs.

Therefore I am looking for some basic guidance as to what hardware/software I need and complimented this by a simple tutorial that can show me how to communicate between three (3) or four (4) RF nodes in a couple of hours. Getting my feet wet this way can actually provide a clear understanding as to weather or not I should invest in specializing in the system at hand.

I don’t mind paying for support… to get things up and functioning.

I am the president of a 22 year old electrical enterprise with many commercial clients. I also do work for governmental institutions and I am often requested for wireless controls and often ending up turning down the projects because I can’t provide the technology and by consequence the clients end up chucking the wireless projects all together.

I hope Digi can provide me some direction towards a development kit that can get me up and running. I don’t need to know everything right away as long as the tutorial shows some basic RF functionality.

Please do not get back to me with a link to a 2000 page document … as this is not what I am looking for and do not want to spend countless hours reading something that by then may not be what I am looking for.

Thank you for your understanding.


Well? Hummmm I thought so…