so now i cant use them ?!

Dear Friend

at least is there any xbee with the range of 1600 meters range with XBee 802.15.4 ?!

because my application is an RC application its not for a near by scenario ???

What country or region of the world are you in?

i am in Bahrain

Because of what country you live in, you are going to be limited to either the 868 MHz or 2.4 GHz low power versions. I would suggest the 868 for the longer range due to the lower frequency.

so could you suggest me a specific one for my project with model number plz that combines good range and no delays while transmission of data and no delays on reception, which is good for a jet type of airplane ?

All radio products are going to have some sort of latency period. There is none that will provide you with No additional latency beyond what a cable will provide.

you didn’t provide me with an answer that makes me feel better, i wanted your suggestion. give me a model that i have to buy that suits my application with a good range and minimum latency.

What distances are you trying to get?
What data rate do you require?
You are aware that this is where Customers help other customers and not a place where Digi support is located right?

about range i need it between 250 meters to 500 meters if possible, and data rate of 19200 baud.

And sorry i didn’t know that the customers are the one helping each other, i thought its the Digi Support. but any way i appreciate your valuable help.

Thanks In Advance

The XBee 868 LP modules using a 2.1dB gain dipole antenna should be able to give you both the distance and speed you desire. Just make sure to use them in the Non Mesh configuration.