Newbie to XBee....From Where to start?


I want to design a wireless data acquisition system. One Master and 5 Slaves connected in Star topology. To achieve the wireless communication, I have decided to use XBee because of it’s advantages.

Now I am completely new to the thing called “XBee”… I just have theoretical knowledge of the working of Zigbee i.e.802.15.4. But Practically it is of No use. So I decided and baught two Digi XBee modules.

And Now what to do? How to transmit and receive the data… Can you suggest me books or “Simple” tutorials from where I can Start my study!

One more thing, In the project, Master is an ARM processor (LPC2138) and Slaves are 8051 family Microcontrollers (AT89S52)

The product manual is the main information source, and you’ll find it on Digi’s site at

You might also want to look at my Unofficial FAQ and XBee cookbook, which you can access at
They contain less information than the product manual, but sometimes it helps to see the same information presented in different ways.

Hope that helps