no communication between xbees due to "MODEM TYPE AND VERSION"

Hello Friends,

I have used Xbee pro S2b for my project. I am using API firmware. First time when I loaded firmware to xbee, X-CTU showed

modem type : “XBP24BZ7”
modem firmware version: “29A7”

But after loading first time , X-CTU shows
modem type : “XBP24BSE”
modem firmware version: “29A7”
whenever I click on test button.

If you observe the version “29A7”, it is not for modem “XBP24BSE”. This version is used with modem “XBP24BZ7” acc. to X-CTU.

Due to this problem two xbees can not communicate with each other(This is what I feel because I went through proper procedure and this is second time I am using xbee pro S2B(API firmware) for my project ).

my procedure:
first I turn on coordinator xbee. Associate LED of coordinator will start blinking and blinking time is 500ms. (this is default config)

Then I turn on END device xbee (child xbee). Associate LED will turn on but not blink. This means that END device is not connected to coordinator(means network).

that’s all.

So, if anyone has solution, please write to me.

Thank you.
here I am attaching PIC for reference.

That little pop-up is horribly unreliable!

The SE firmware has no version 29A7, only 3928 for SE End-Device.

The most likely problem is your parent’s Sn/SP are not set high enough - by default an XBee as coordinator with ‘hang-up/reject’ a child after 960msec - so less than 1 second. So by default, most of your data will fail.

See this Wiki page:

Thank you
I’ll check that possibility.