XBEE S2 not detected by X-CTU


I set the Modem: Xbee setting to XB24-ZB and chose ZIGBEE ROUTER SENSOR as the function set. While writing the new setting to my XBEE S2, I get the “cannot communicate with the modem” popup and was asked to reset. I did that but nothing seems to have reset. Now the associate light on the XBEE shield doesn’t blink as before and I can not communicate with this XBEE S2. How do I get to toz reset and get the light blinking again (this is what happens on the working XBEE S2).

Thank you.

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Same problem has occured with me i posted question… No one replied.
What i did is I connected coordinator with pc
And searched other devices located in pan using xctu latest version,

It took almost 10-15 minutes to search router that is unrecoverable from xctu.

You can then change settings of router from coordinator using xctu.

But the question arise here is that "why it took 10-15 min to power on?

If you could find better solution then also reply me


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