No CTS flow control on End device. SLEEP mode : "NORMAL"

Thanks for your response.

  • End Device: (driven by microcontroller); NO CTS flow control.

  • Coordinator: (running on Digi development board, connected by USB to PC); I don’t know.

  • The parameters for sleep in both devices (Coordinator and End device): “NORMAL” (i.e., no sleeping). (all sleep parameters are in default value).

I discovered that, if I set a delay > 3 seconds (in the microcontroller software of the End device), the transmission is received on the Coordinator, without problems. The following transmission doesn’t need the 3 sec delay.
I was able to repeat this issue, if I use a Terminal soft, such as Tera Term, etc. In other words, if I drive the Digi module from Tera term I need to do a delay like as the microcontroller program.



What happens if you do a Node Discover to an NI value from the End device (Router) to the Coordinator (router)?