Node Discovery. What is the deafult content in the serial response?

Hello Friends.

First: I have looked in this forum before asking and couldn’t find any topic about my question.

In the AT mode, what is the default format for the AT ND command response?
Here on page 77 it shows:

NI (Variable length)
DEVICE_TYPE (1 Byte: 0=Coord, 1=Router, 2=End Device)
STATUS (1 Byte: Reserved)
PROFILE_ID (2 Bytes)

But I cant identify where is the RSSI/Dbm information.

I am connecting the XBEE with my FPGA and so I need to send through a UART to the XBEE this command AT ND. I need just to know the format for this AT ND command.

thank you very much!

A good suggestion for an active forum would also be appreciated.

That is because the RSSI value is not provided in a ND response. Try having the remote device send data and then Query your local DB command.

I am trying to find examples of this, too.