Node discovery

Does anyone know how to tell when a node discovery command has completed on the ZNET 2.5 devices when in API mode? I was previously using the Series 1 modules that sent an empty node discovery response to indicate the end but the new modules don’t seem to have any such provision. The manual says only that a is appended at the end in AT mode but in API mode all the 's are omitted.



XBee ZNet nodes may sleep for long periods of time. Because of this it is impossible to know when all nodes the nodes will actually report back to the node initiating the discovery. Therefore your API application must be able to asynchronously receive and process node discovery responses at all time.

I hope this helps!

Thanks, I hadn’t thought about it that way.

But doesn’t the NT timeout still stand?
Eventually you know when the Node discovery ends since you define the time. You still have to process responses asynchronously but whith in a know time frame. (You could even wait for this time in the application if you have the time to spare although something like that is not very nice)