Not Receiving anything on the realport driver in DotNet

We have a series of devices that use the xbee series 1 pro modules. We are trying to add ethernet functionality to connect to the devices using the ConnectPort X2D. I have established communication to the module in X-CTU and configured it to talk with our devices. In X-CTU, I can run node discovery and other AT and remote AT commands just fine so I know the module is talking with the network.

However, in our dot net application (4.0) which up to this point has used usb to serial devices to talk to the xbee network, I cannot see any data being returned from any command. I see the data going out and the LED’s on the X2D tell me the response came back, but no serial data received events are firing. My only conclusion is there is some issue with dot net and RealPort or I don’t have realport setup properly.

Apparently, restarting the PC after installing the RealPort driver fixed the issue.

Sometimes, it’s the easiest things that get overlooked.