ConnectPort X2 can't read AT values from module

Hi - newbie question (sorry)

I have a connectport x2 900hp - installed and worked fine out of the box.

I ‘fiddled’ about (just learning) and now I have an issue I’ve not been able to resolve (despite ‘hard’ reset - 60 seconds reset after power up) - realport is installed.

XCTU can find the unit (function Xbee Pro 900HP 10k, Port Com2 115226/8/N/1/N - API1, and thr MAC address)

Problem is - I can’t read the AT values of the xbee module - clicking on ‘read’ opens the ‘reading modules’ dialogue then I get an ‘action required’ window asking me to reset the radio module. I’ve tried resetting the connectport but I don’t think that is the problem (I think it’s the radio module)?

I’ve switched to another X2 unit - uninstalled the original realport and installed a new one. Same situation - xctu can see the unit (and I can access the web server ok on both of these) but I can’t read the radio values.

When these units first arrived xctu worked fine so it must be something I have done?

XCTU works fine with my RF modems so there doesn’t seem to be a problem there.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Thanks in advance

I’m on Windows 7 pro 64. XCTU is 6.3.1

The connect port X2 is not intended to be read by XCTU. You use its web UI for reading and modifying the radios settings.

Understood - but if Realport can’t connect to the radio (which you would think should allow a transparent connection to the radio and therefor alloow XCTU to see the radio just as if it were on a serial port) - how does one ‘get the data into the radio’ for transmission?