xbee s2c config corrupt in X-CTU: AT commands are config vals!

When I read radio module settings from my XBee S2C, the X-CTU display shows a lot of invalid or out-of-range values. Many of these values are AT commands, which leads me to suspect that AT commands to the module are being interpreted as a response from the module.

For example, the “Serial number high” field’s value is shown as “ATSH,” which is clearly not the high part of the serial number!

The module is attached to a Seeed X-Bee shield, which is installed on an Arduino Uno R3. On the shield, I have a jumper connecting RESET to GND, XB_RX is set to 0, and XB_TX is set to 1. I believe that this is a valid “workaround” for my not having an XBee explorer, but maybe not?

X-CTU is running on my MacBook Air, OS X version 10.12.3. X-CUT’s version is 6.3.5, Build 20170131-1.

The boards you are using were not designed to connect an XBee to a PC. They don’t provide all of the needed connections for XCTU to work properly.

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