Number of devices with a single Coordinator (XB24-ZB and XBP24-ZB)

Hello, guys.

We’ve developed an access control system using Xbee Series 2 modules with biometrics. Basically, the system operator collects the user data (name, fingerprints, etc) and the server sends the user data to the destination device. The server use a Coordinator to send the data and each destination device have a Xbee on it (could be either routers or end devices, depending on the equipment model).

We’ve tested the communication with 15-20 equipments. We had no problems and the communication was pretty good.

Today, a client have ordered 70 equipments (the one with the router radio on it).

My question is simple: can the Coordinator handle the communication without any other implementation (source routing, many to one)?

I’m confused because I have found a lot of diferent opinions, but i haven’t seen this kind of information in the product manual. What Digi says about it?

Thanks for the help.

Yes, it can handle it. There is no defined limit for number of nodes that can join a network. Its practically unlimited unless you fall short of addresses.

Only thing to note is, with large network its becomes more important to manage nodes well and control who transmits when.

And yes, network can create routes at its own with user’s intervention.

Thanks for the reply.

But, look at In the last paragraph of “Introduction”: “It is generally recommended to use many-to-one routing when there are more than 40 nodes in a single PAN.”

Since you are doing Bio-metrics, it may be better to use the ADHOC function along with Broadcast transmissions from the Coordinator and Unicast messages back.

The function of using Source routing would only be recommend when you are working with stationary nodes or nodes where the network does not change much along with the need to send unicast messages from the Coordinator to the other nodes.