how many maximum xbee devices can communicate in single network

so how many router devices can connect with coordinator and how many end devices can connect with routers in XBEE pro series 2.

The Coordinator can support somewhere around 60K Routers with each router supporting about 10 end device children.

Are you sure coordinator can communicate with around 60k routers. please make it confirm, and let me know.

If you are looking for confirmation from Digi on how many nodes can be supported, you have come to the wrong location. You will need to submit a support case for that.

The support forum is a place where Members of the forum can help other members of the forum. My best guess is that they should be able to support somewhere around 40 - 50K in Routers and the rest in End devices. Just understand that no one I am aware of has ever created a network that large. Not to mention that your ability to transmit data becomes very limited as you increase in size.