Maximum number of XBee devices in API mode

Hi guys,

Is there a limit to the maximum number of devices that can operate simultaneously in API mode?

I want to use an XBee Pro as a transmitter, sending unicast data to up to 30 XBees. Most of the time data will be intended for just one Xbee but there will be occasions when I’d like to send a broadcast message to all devices.

For the unicast messages I’d like to receive an acknowledgement but I don’t need acks for the broadcast messages.

Is this possible? I don’t really fancy buying 30 XBees and connecting them up to PCs to try it!

I think the limit is somewhere around 65000…

4.1.2. Joining an XBee ZNet 2.5 Router or End Device to a PAN

Each router and coordinator can allow up to 8 end device children to join. Once 8 end device
children have joined a particular router or coordinator, that device cannot allow any more end
devices to join to it until its network parameters are reset (see section 4.1.6).

So, the maximum number of devices would be: 1 coordinator with 8 routers, each router with 8 end devices = 1+8*8 = 65.
Or even less devices???

Which module are you using?

Series 1 or Series 2?

And there is the limit of End device per coordinator or router in case of zigbee. But there is not limitations that how many routers can be joined.