Number of Xbee in one NETWORK

Hi All,

How many XBee modules can be connect to 1 Coordinator???

Exemple: 1 Coordinator
50-60 end devices and routers,

It’s possible this???

Yes, In ZigBee network a Coordinator can allow 10 end devices to join and a Router can allow 12 end devices to join, you can use NC parameter to see this value.

Kavya, Thank’s for the reply,

If for each router can connect 12 end devices, how many routers can be connected to Coordinator?

I asked this question of idigi support just recently. For a coordinator the routing table inside the XBee module has a maximum capacity of 40 node. if you are using a gateway and source routing is enabled, the source routing table is stored in memory outside the gateway and potentially (depending on available resources) hundreds of nodes can be remembered.