NZ Standards compliance for XBee 900 series

Can you confirm that your XB PRO 900 Series of modems can be configured to conform to New Zealand:

I have checked SC and PL commands, and it appears that channels can indeed be limited to 921.5-928 and that power can be limited to 6dB. However, please could you confirm and check the following:

23: “… transmissions from devices operating in the band 921 to 928 MHz must not exceed the following unwanted emission limits: –79 dBW (–49 dBm) from 800 to 915 MHz, then varying from –79 dBW (–49 dBm) at 915 MHz to –66 dBW (–36 dBm) at 921 MHz in accordance with the formula y = mx + C, where–, y = dBm, x = MHz, m = dy/dx, C = the value of y where x = 0 (the y intercept). The maximum value of –63 dBW (–33 dBm) applies from 928 MHz to 1 GHz. The reference bandwidth for emissions is 100 kHz. Outside the band 800 MHz to 1 GHz, the limits prescribed in applicable standards prescribed in the Radiocommunications (Radio Standards) Notice 2010* apply. In the absence of applicable standards, the limits prescribed in Table 2 of the notice apply.”

No, none of Digi’s 900 MHz produict currently hold NZ certification and most would not qualify.

Looking at the specs it appears that your 900 series can be adjusted for channel and power to the point where they would theoretically comply - assuming the above condition is met. Can you review please?

I do not know why Digi has not certified the 900 DM or 900 HP products in NZ. I only know they have not received certification. You would need to ask Digi directly as to if they can pass certification.

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