XBee PRO S3B Function set question

We have XBee PRO S3 series cards.

By default these are configured to us the Function Xbee PRO 900HP 200K.

We require the range to be ~920MHZ, and wish the protocol to be the Digimesh rather than Zigbee.

Am nervous about changing function set parameters and firmware versions so any advise much appreciated.

Also, as a general question, how can you tell if you your modems are working in ZigBee or DigiMesh modes?

And if you have any tips on what config settings might improving robustness for a simple wireless network in API=2 mode with only a few hops max, please advise.


That product is a Digi Mesh product and Does not support Zigbee. The Zigbee enabled products are the XBee ZB modules.

Without purchasing the international version, all you can do to change the channels or frequency used is bu setting the CM command to the desired channels or frequencies.

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Thanks. That clarifies things. We wanted to use DigiMesh so we’re happy. With regards the firmware versions though, I see there are quite a few.

  1. Is there somewhere we can review the implications of selecting which one to use?
  2. Assume all devices on a network need to be using the same firmware?

the best option is to us the most current firmware version. No I don’t have a list of the different versions beyond the release notes.