OOB Modem line via Avaya CMS


Digi Passport 8
F/W Rev. : v1.4.2
Serial No. : SW30643631

Modem configuration

  1. Enable PPP connection on the Modem : Disable
  2. Init string : q1e0s0=2&d0
  3. Enable/Disable callback : Disable
  4. Enable/Disable modem test : Disable
  5. Email alert configuration
  6. SNMP trap configuration

I am trying to set up a Passport 8 at a remote site. I have IP SSH access, but for some reason, we cannot establish a modem connection. Even when I dial from a desk phone, the Digi modem does not pick up. On the same DDI a zoom modem was tested and worked. The line is set for 56k data on the CMS.

Do I need any specific init string in the config to enable the modem to pick up? Or, is there another setting needed in Avaya for the modem other than 56k.