OP7200 display problem


I just got my OP7200 and took my first steps, but unfortunately the first problem appeared early. I started like it is explained on the manual in chapter 2 “Getting started”. I connected the power supply and all worked very well.
On my next step I tried to load a programm to the OP. As it is explained I took the fun.c from the Samples-folder and uploaded it to the OP.
Afterwards I can detect that the programm is running, because i have added some textoutputs to the process flow.
Unfortunately there is nothing shown at the display. Also the buttons and the touchscreen are working, but I’m not able to get the display work. I have also tried to change the contrast in order to see something but without any results. Only the backlight shines like it should.

Please can you tell me what the problem could be.


I’ve solved the problem and it was very simple.
If you have the same problem read the following README-File from www.zworld.com

Good Luck :smiley:

are there no other display controls other that brightness? I cant find anything for controlling the timeout of the screen going dark, is there any drivers out there that add more controls?

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