Openserver 5.0.4 Acceleport Xr install

I am trying to install an acceleport Xr 2r 920 pci into an openserver 5.0.4 box.
When trying to install from the cd I get the following message:

Unable to initialize device

Error Stack:
Scan of archive failed.
Error opening archive "/mnt/drivers/openserver/acceleport/40001803-04_ad.bin
Test of Archiv format failed
marry://mnt/drivers/opensrever/acceleport/40001803-04_ad.bin:file mode is ineligable

I get the same message if I download the latest driver and use the custom -i -p misc:mpi -F /full path/401019AD.bin

If I rename these files as VOL’s and use custom to try and install them I get the same problem i.e. the file is ineligable.

Any help would be much appreciated

You will need to download two binary file images for this driver:

Be sure the images are downloaded in binary format and named as VOL files. For example:

cp /tmp/401019AD.bin /tmp/VOL.000.000

cp /tmp/401383AD.bin /tmp/VOL.001.000

That is “vee oh el” with the rest being zero’s or one.

Then just type ‘custom’, select Software, Install New, from localhost, as a Media Image and type in the directory where the VOL files reside.