OTA Programming for Arduino/AVR using XBEE Series2

Dear Team,

This is one of the feature that i have been trying to find a solution for the past one week,i googled,followed you tube channels but all in vain,the posts/articles mentioned that they are using Series 1 XBEE for OTA to arduino,whether this Series 2 Xbee supports OTA to arduino or not,and also i found some article related to XBee series 2 in API mode https://github.com/davidsainty/xbeeboot,

but in the article it is mentioned that a patch has to be added to avrdude bootloader wiith the patch provided,but how to add the patch file to make files are not mentioned,though i googled for the same it mentions that windows OS does not suppport make file only in linux we can able to build make files.Hope any one can find a solution for this.

This is probably something you really need to post to an Arduino site.

If the solutions are using S1 module and are configuring it for DIO line passing, then you would need to use remote AT commands on the XBee S2 module to trigger the lines as it does not support that function.

Can you please let me know the particular AT commands for I/O line passing.Thanks.

I would suggest looking at the API section of the manual and look for Remote AT command (0x17 frame time). It is setting a DIO command (D0 - D4) to a value such as output high or output low.