output to UART


is it possible to take an analog input to pin AD0, and send it straight out to the UART of the same XBee?

I know this may seem a strange request; the explanation is that I have a project using a number of XBees in the usual way: one XBee with sensor attached, another receiving the signal, but in one location have had problems with the wireless link. So now I have an XBee with sensor attached, whose output I need to send straight to a serial/ethernet converter, and the easiest and fastest solution would be to keep the XBee (and the code that processes its output).



I can think of two possibilities, neither of them ideal.

  1. Send the XBee a regular IS command over the serial cable to force the read. That gets the data out of the UART at the expense of needing a little extra code on the host.
  2. Use two XBees side by side with the first transmitting samples to the second and the second passing them to the serial cable via its UART. The expense here is obviousy financial.

Can’t think of a way to do it with a single XBee and no code changes. Maybe others can be more inventive.

Ah - I’d seen the IS command mentioned (probably in your cookbook, actually!) and thought it looked promising, but couldn’t find it in the listed parameters in X-CTU.

Also, I’m afraid I’m not clear how I’d do this. At the moment, with the conventionally set up XBees, I have the XPort serial/ethernet converter sending the data as UDP packets to a server, which parses them with a PHP script. Would the IS command have to come from the XPort itself? (Well out of my comfort zone here, as you can tell :slight_smile:

thanks for your help,