Serializing I/O Pin Data Prior to Transmission


I am working with 2 XBee Pro S1 radios. I’ve got a basic configuration set up - XBee 1 transmits via ADC, and XBee 2 receives using a XBee Explorer from Sparkfun, which converts the incoming data to serial.

What I want to do is use several I/O pins on XBee 1 (they’re all analog FSRs), and serialize that output so that it’s sent in a single packet to XBee 2. My desktop application would like to easily parse the incoming data from XBee 2 to read the values. Since I will be adding more XBees in the future, it would be even better if I could serialize additional data, such as a unique radio ID.

Is this possible? It seems like a common thing to want to do, but I haven’t seen much documentation about it. Perhaps I’m asking the wrong question. But any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I think what you want to do is