(P9215 and FIM for additional UART

We are developing a product in need of 5 UARTS and we are hoping we could use the 9P9215 by using the existing 4 UARTS and implementing a futther UART in the FIM. I guess I have two questions …

  1. Is this possible ?
  2. If yes then is there any documentation about how to do this, and is there existing FIM software that implements a UART for use under NetOS

Its supported as standard - just open /com/4 or /com/5 in the same way as any other serial port. You may need to set up I/O pins in gpio.h
(I’ve used a FIM-based UART on ME9210, which is essentially the same, but not on CC9P).
Make sure you have reasonably up to date Net+O/S - there was a bug in the serial FIM routines which was fixed in January 2011