Parts (blue filter) for Watchport/V?

I’ve had a Watchport/V for several years and have been very pleased with its operation. Recently, I noticed that the images from the cam were becoming hazy - not out of focus, just hazy. While peering into the camera, I noted that a lens had “fogged”. Wiping with a lens tissue attached to the end of a Q-Tip didn’t seem to help. Of course, that called for disassembly! :slight_smile:

I disassembled the camera and found that both sides of the blue filter had hazy deposits and random jagged lines (outgassing from the foam used to hold it in place?). The filter then sat on my desk for a day waiting to be cleaned properly. Unfortunately, it seems that my cat found it, probably played with it, and it’s now nowhere to be found (the filter, not the cat).

Images from the cam are clear without the filter, but have a bluish cast to them. Is there any possibility of purchasing one of these blue filters? I’d hate to “disassemble” the cat to look for the original.

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Your post made me laugh :slight_smile:

Please contact me at

I’ll make sure you get a filter sent to you right away.

Please email me with your exact contact information along with phone number.

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Thanks for your reply…contact info sent. Please let me know the cost of the filter + shipping.

Back to the original problem - is this fogging of the filter a normal occurrence for the old Watchport/V? Should I plan on cleaning it every few years? (Or do you recommend buying the latest model of the Watchport if the image from this one ever becomes hazy again? ;-)). I’m only guessing that the fogging is due to outgassing of something internal to the camera, because it’s mounted in a location where there’s no vapor, or any temperature extremes that could cause condensation.


Hi, I responded to your email, I’m trying to find out the best way to proceed (and there is no charge)

I think the V cameras just have a tendency to behave like you’re seeing over time. I think it’s just the “nature of the beast” with these V cameras and the blue filter that is used.

I do know that with the V2 and V3’s we never do hear about the problem with the filter. At this point I can’t be 100 percent sure if it’s because they are better quality or if it’s the case of the stock/hardware being much newer.

The only reason I think you should get a V3 (I would suggest that over the V2) is because of the better quality and frame rate. If you’re V is doing the job though I don’t think it’s necessary. The filter that I will be able to get you should last you for a while.

I’ll get back to you when we’ve confirmed the best course of action on the filter.