pcb and schematics under orcad

Hi all, i’m trying to make a library for Orcad with the core modules but i’ve to make the footprints and i’m not too much informed…

please if anybody has maked these work can share it with me?

Banks ( Big Tanks ) Marco :eek:

Which version of OrCad would you want these in? The old Dos version would be a different library to OrCad 15.7 and would you need a CIS option as well?

wow! now i’m using orcad 15.7 and starting to learn how it works… i’m not already able to make a good footprint or component ( component is much easyer! )

… ues for orcad 15.7 the libs ar good but if is possible i’ll try to convert. :eek:

I have the Rabbit2000 schematic library for you in OrCad 15.7 format.