Picking the Best RF module for My Application

I need help finding an RF solution for my project.

I’m looking to place a number of motion sensors in an area and anytime motion is sensed it wakes a ucontroller and the ucontroller wirelessly tells one or more base stations that motion was detected. I don’t need to differentiate which sensor detected motion, max transmission distance is ~200ft, and everything will be battery powered so low power is critical. The Tx with the motion sensors will be off all the time until motion is sensed and the Rx will have to be on all the time listening. All of the data sheets that I’ve seen for the xbee and Zigbee say there is a power down mode and an Rx mode. In Rx mode the current draw is 15-30mA, which is far too high my application. I’d like to find a module that I can use instead of a chip (unless it’s an all in one solution) because my RF knowledge is limited.

Is there different module or a lower power mode I’m not aware of similar to eWOR in TI RF chips that that can listen (Rx) while drawing very little current (uA range)or is there another solution or type of module I should be looking for?


Please contact Digi sales at sales.questions@digi.com. I am asking you to do this as the Digi Sales team has taken over all responsibility of helping customers select the proper product for their application.

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