Pin Sleep SM1/2 Confusion

In the manual it says:

To wake a sleeping module operating in Pin Hibernate Mode, de-assert Sleep_RQ (pin 9). The
module will wake when Sleep_RQ is de-asserted and is ready to transmit or receive when the CTS
line is low. When waking the module, the pin must be de-asserted at least two ‘byte times’ after
CTS goes low. This assures that there is time for the data to enter the DI buffer.

which sounds to me like it’s saying you de-assert the sleep pin, and wait for CTS. but you have to wait for CTS before you de-assert the sleep pin. Can anyone explain this to me?


Yes, that is a bit confusing the way its worded. My understanding is that you need to hold pin 9 (Sleep_RQ) low at least two byte-times AFTER CTS has gone low for the module to awaken.

In order to wake a sleeping module in SM1, the Sleep_RQ must first be de-asserted, then at least after two ‘byte times’ can the module send something while need more tine receive something.