Pinout for Mellanox 1710 serial using HAR000028 cable

existing digi infrastructure matches 90000606_a.pdf pinout. The Mellanox SX1710 switch comes with a HAR000028 serial & i2c cable, but doesn’t work with existing pinout. Wondering what needs to change to make it work. The SX1710 HAR000028 pinout is online in user manual near end. I just can’t paste it in here…

The pinouts in the manual are not very clear. You might try the following:

RJ45 Digi RJ45 Mellanox
============= =============
5 RXD 3 (TX ?)

4 TX 6 (RX ?)

8 DTR 7 and 2 (DCD and DSR ?)

6 (SG) 4 and 5 (SG, GND ?)

2 RTS 8 (CTS?)

7 CTS 1 (RTS ?)

So… I think existing adapter wiring is ok. I was able to get login on digi using connect through cli, so think that rings wiring. I’m on AIX 6.1 and noticed baus only goes to 19200. This device requires 115200, so think i need to enable this fastbaud:

Not sure what syntax is… but… quick look:-

Temp change tty

/usr/lbin/tty/stty-ncxa /dev/tty11 -fastbaud 110

Perm change

Use smitty tty… set baud 110

Sound about right?

PS if i set baud to 110 is that a upto value or its fixed at 115200 ?

Yes, that looks correct. 110 is fixed at 115200.

So but issue of one of these two commands… does fastbaud enable, or is that an extra step?