Please tell me, How to update into UserFS.


OS : ubuntu12.04 32bit
Board : Wi-i.MX53
Digi ESP for Embedded Linux
Version: 2.0 for Digi Embedded Linux
Build id: 20130211 DEL-

Please tell me, How to update into UserFS.
How should I make an image?

Thank you.

Check Digi ESP > HELP Docs > Chapter 8.
Create a full project, go to its kernel configuration menu and there you can check the different images created during build

I can generate the following.

But I can not generate userfs-ccwmx53js*.
How should I make a UserFS Image?

The userfs is just a partition placeholder so by default it has no filesystem there. Unless you really need it, you should delete it and expand your rootfs. If you decide you do need it, you’d have to create and flash one there, then you can mount it, and it’s not automated by default but could be.
Here is how I mounted user JFFS2 partition on ME9210:
If you programmed/initialized your partition already, then skip this step till mount command:

Create empty file on target:
/ # touch /tmp/usrfs.jffs2

Use it to init parttion 4 (userfs on CME9210):
/ # update_flash /tmp/usrfs.jffs2 4
Partition 4 is NOR ()
Full Size: 960 KiB
Good Size: 960 KiB
— JFFS2 partition 4 will be fully erased and clean markers written
Verifying File(s): /tmp/usrfs.jffs2
/tmp/usrfs.jffs2 (0 KiB)
Erasing: complete
Flashing: complete
CRC32: 0x00000000

Mount userfs partition 4 on ME9210
/ # mount -tjffs2 /dev/mtdblock4 /mnt
/ # df -k /mnt
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock4 960 196 764 20% /tmp/mnt
/ #

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Thank you !

I was able to use UserFS.