Ploting graphics about the data read in XCTU (receive packet)

I´m reading some data of water flow (L/min) from a remote sensor in my xbee pro s2c (coordinator) and I can see the data frame in the XCTU (one reading per second).
But instead of clicking in the serial port, I want to read it in another way, and also put these data into graphics and so I can have the water flow accumulated (I want to know how much water I consumed in a day, per example).
How can I do this? Using digi Python is possible? anyone knows another possibility?

For this, you may want to consider adding a Digi XBee Gateway to your ZigBee network to act as the ZigBee Coordinator. The XBee Gateway contains a python interpreter to run a program such as Digi Dia, which could also enable you to send your water sensor data to Digi Remote Device Manager, where the Data Points can be collected into a stream. At this point, you could see the raw value of each individual data point, or view the stream of data points as a graph over time.

Additional information about Digi Remote Device Manager can be found here:

Hi Michael! thanks for answering!
I read about what you said and I followed the help in the digiPython software, to create a Dia Project, and I also made my login in the device remote manager. I´ve bought a connect port X2d, and I can have my network found on the browser.
The question is, what Dia element do I have to add when I creat the Dia project? (per example: Xbee Aio, Xbee sensor)
The data of the router is ready and I can see it on XCTU (the data that comes from the xbee router to the xbee coordinator), but I can´t see it up to now in the Digi remote device manager. I don´t know if it´s possible to understand the question (I´m not an english native) , I just want to see data in charts in the device manager (a better way of looking) instead of the XCTU.

Here is a direct link to the Dia section of our Digi Python Wiki Archive:

To get data from your Gateway to your Digi Remote Manager account, you’d first of all have to add the Gateway to the account. On the Dia/python side, you’d want to use the driver edp_upload to get the data there. The Digi ESP for Python and the Dia within are fully documented within the application itself, and the link above contains supplemental info.

Ok Michael, I followed the help tutorial on the digi esp for python, but when I run the remote DIA, there´s this error message:

#> python

Traceback (most recent
call last):
File “WEB/python/dpd”, line 7, in ?
import sys, os
ImportError: No module
named os


Any idea of what may be the problem? I followed all the instructions, registered my gateway, made my account on the server, created a new DIA Project, but when I run, it appears this message.
Thanks again,


The “import sys, os” error is a reference to the python standard library which ships on your ConnectPort X2D at factory default.

The name of the file on the Gateway is “”, and you can download a clean copy from this link if it was deleted by accident:

And here are the notes regarding the file you’ll download from the page at the link above:

Rename the Python Standard Library zip file (will have a part number 40002643…) to (case sensitive) before uploading onto your Digi product.

This file is supported on the following Digi NDS-based products: Connect ES (EOS firmware 82001234_D or higher), ConnectPort X2/X4/X8, Digi cellular products with part number 50000894-40 or higher, and the iDigi Wi-9P module