Port owner and group using dgap driver under Linux.

Good morning,

An Acceleport 8r 920 has been installed under Fedora 7 using th dgap driver. Loop back testing passed.

One thing I would like to change is the group on the ports ( ttya01 to ttya08 ). After a reboot the group and owner are both root. If someone can help me out, it would be appreciated.


If your system is using UDEV, you will want to set the Group assignments using udev rules. The following link looks informative:


Thanks for mentioning udev and the URL.

The file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-dgap.rules was edited. A single line was changed from
KERNEL==“tty_dgap*”, PROGRAM=“/usr/sbin/dgap_udev %k”, NAME=“%c”, OPTIONS+=“last_rule”
KERNEL==“tty_dgap*”, PROGRAM=“/usr/sbin/dgap_udev %k”, NAME=“%c”, OPTIONS+=“last_rule”, GROUP=“uucp”

After a reboot the ports have a group of uucp.

Should any changes be made to the line
KERNEL==“pr_dgap*”, PROGRAM=“/usr/sbin/dgap_udev %k”, NAME=“%c”, OPTIONS+=“last_rule”

Once again thank you for pointing a direction.

Glad this worked out.

The “pr” device does not need to be configured unless you are using transparent printing (printing to a printer attached to a terminal/tty).