Change group on tty devices on boot - PortServer TS 16


OS: Ubuntu 10.04
Device: PortServer TS16

The device works fine. However when the driver loads on re-boot it resets the devices (in my case ttyRP00-15) to the “root” group.

How do you set the devices to group “dialout” when the driver loads on re-boot?

Thanks in advance.

Figured it out…

sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/10-dgrp.rules

change the following line:

KERNEL==“tty_dgrp*”, PROGRAM=“/usr/bin/dgrp_udev %k”, NAME=“%c”


KERNEL==“tty_dgrp*”, PROGRAM=“/usr/bin/dgrp_udev %k”, NAME=“%c”, GROUP=“dialout”

I’m glad you got this working, thanks for the follow up!